Two Brothers on the Trip to Mark a Lifetime

40 West is an autobiographical journey in some ways and a collective of essays about life and that journey in others. It's two brothers making a reflective and intentional trip to honor and celebrate their late father. Along the way we learn about them, the man they called Dad, and the world around us. Tears, laughter, and thought-provoking messages are peppered throughout. It's nostalgic, forward-looking, and fun - all at the same time.

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Bruce C. Bryan is an entrepreneur, the founder of multiple non-profit organizations, and a connector of people.  He’s a graduate of James Madison University.  After a long career in the television industry, he started 5Points Creative, an award-winning marketing firm.  He’s the father of three children and lives in Roanoke, Virginia with his wife Laurel.  His grandchildren call him Gee.

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What Others Are Saying

Beth Macy

New York Times Best Selling Author
"This universal story of two brothers on a road trip rings so true it had me longing to take a long drive with my siblings to reconnect and rediscover the power of family."

Gil Harrington, Morgan's Mom

President + Founder Help Save the Next Girl
"This book is filled with sweet and intimate anecdotes, as well as thoughtful self-examination. Upon finishing the book, you know that Hugh McLellan Bryan was a damn fine human being, and that his sons follow in his path."

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Listen to the music from the 2020 Road Trip. It's almost like being in the Prius with Bon and Bruce - only warmer, quieter, and with no mile markers blowing by you. Or play it on your own road trip!

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